Encounters Beyond the Pond.
Paper presented to the Alister Hardy Society, Oxford, U.K., 26 January 2002.

Religious Experience Research Seminar
University of Birmingham, Education Faculty, 7 February 2002.

Religious Experience and Religious Education
Newman College of Advanced Education, Birmingham, 5 February, 2002.

Limit Experience of Adolescents.
Australian Association for the Study of Religions, Annual Conference, Armidale, July 2002.

Religious Experience, Religion and Senior High School Students – Implications for Religious Education.
Australian Catholic Principals Association Conference, Tweed Heads, September 2002

Beyond Words: Written accounts of the liminal among senior high school students.
Paper presented at the annual conference of the Australian Association for the Study of Religions, Brisbane,July 2003.

Liminal Experience and Values Paper accepted for presentation at the Association for the Sociology of Religion Annual Conference, Atlanta, August 2003.
Invitation declined due to work commitments around that time of the year.

Religious Experience, Religion and Senior High School Students: Implications for Religious Education
Paper presented at: “Encounters in Systematic Theology IV”, University of Leuven, November 2003
Christian Research Seminar, University of Durham, January, 2004.

Can Faith Based Schools Evangelise?
Paper presented to:
The Alister Hardy Society, Oxford, January 2004
Faculty of Theology Open Lecture, University of Wales, Lampeter, February 2004
Postgraduate Research Seminar, University of Birmingham, February 2004.

Youth Spirituality: A Reality in search of expression.
Seminar conducted for:
Northampton Youth Ministry Organisation, Diocese of Northampton, Milton Keynes, February 2004
Religious Education staff seminar, Newman College, Birmingham, February 2004.
Australian Association of Religious Education, Annual conference, 2004.

Religious Schools and Values Formation: The Spiritual Sensitivity and Values of some Senior High School Students.
Paper presented at International Seminar for Religious Education and Values (ISREV), Philadelphia, July 2004.

Preserving the Original Vision: Can those without experience pass on spiritual experience?
Paper presented at Childhoods 2005, University of Oslo, July 2005.

Partnership, Conflict or Control? The role of government in school funding.
Presentation to the Federation of Parents and Friends Queensland, November 2005.

From original vision to world vision.
Paper presented at the International seminar on religious education and values, Dreibergen, Netherlands, July 2006.

Youth ministry in a world of diversity – the international research project on youth spirituality.
Keynote address at the biennial conference of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry, Cambridge, UK, January 2007.

“Leading catholic schools in an era of religious diversity”.
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Catholic Educational Leadership, Sydney. July 2007.

“Children of the deaf: the challenge of spirituality in today’s society.”
Paper presented at the annual conference of the Association of Practical Theologians in Oceania, Melbourne, November 2007
and accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Children’s Spirituality, Ballarat, January 2008.

“Ministry and Spirituality for Young People.”
Two semester course developed for the Multi-Faith Academy for Chaplaincy and Community Ministries
PO Box 5868 West End, Qld 4101. Semester units run each semester since 2008.

“School Chaplaincy in a secular society”
Module 2 of a one semester course developed for Australian Catholic University for accreditation in 2010.

“Who’s coming to school today? : An exploration of the beliefs, values and attitudes of students, parents and teachers in Church Schools.”
International Seminar on Religious Education and Values, Ottawa, Canada, July 2010.
Youthworks College conference, Sydney, September 2010.