Logotherapy is a way of life and so it is for everyone. Module 1 provides a general overview of Frankl’s approach and many find it a wonderful self-help Module. Many study it for personal development. Later Modules are more detailed and oriented towards making you a better therapist, pastoral carer, teacher or business executive. We recommend trying Module 1 first then, if you want to learn more, following on to the Advanced Diploma.

For the full Advanced Diploma award we recommend you fulfil one of the following conditions (if you are in any doubt call Paul (0408740749) or email me paul@lifechange.net.au ):

1. Be recently appointed to or currently working in a role in medicine, nursing, community services, social work, counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, pastoral care, chaplaincy or related fields and have a relevant recognised higher education or vocational education qualification at Certificate IV or above. OR

2. Be recognised as competent, through a recognised training program or recognition process, in one of the fields in 1. above OR

3. Have sufficient work experience in one of the fields in 1. above to indicate likely success at this level of qualification. OR

4.  Have completed a substantial proportion of the study required to achieve a professional qualification in one of the fields in 1 above.

The advanced diploma is intended to add to your professional skills. It is not an entry level qualification to a particular profession. If you are unsure if you meet the criteria for the full award or if you wish to study beyond Module 1 simply for personal development you are welcome, but please email paul@lifechange.net.au before you enrol.

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