What is Logotherapy?

Lifechange Therapies aims to help people connect with meaning in life. It is the teaching arm of the Viktor Frankl Institute Australia. Find out about our courses here

Perth – Classroom 25 Sept to 27 Sept – Introduction to Logotherapy – for enrolment contact Paul direct paul@lifechange.net.au

Enrolments close 4 September – Minimum number 15 maximum 20

Dr Paul McQuillan (Ph D, Psy D) is a faculty member of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy and a practising therapist (ARCAP Reg No. 21993).
Download A Brief Overview of Logotherapy or Hear from Arzum, a student enrolled in the Advanced Diploma.

The foundation of Meaning centered therapy (Logotherapy) is the belief that:

  • Life ALWAYS has meaning – in all circumstances
  • Our greatest desire in life is to find our meaning in life
  • We are always free to CHOOSE meaningful pathways

Enquire about personal therapy or learn about logotherapy:

Contact: paul@lifechange.net.au or call 0408 740 749

Dr McQuillan is also a researcher in youth spirituality and author of numerous books and papers.


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